Two Lanterns Weddings


Although we've performed legal weddings each year, we've presided over hundreds

of Unofficial Playa Civil Unions, handing out rings and wedding certificates to each

couple (or triplet, for that matter) while supplying them with veils, flowers, top hats

and bow ties for the ceremony. We've done these weddings all over the playa and

at all times of the day and night (okay, not so many in the morning...). Lots of odd

combos have been married by us, possibly none stranger than the Cyborg wedding

at Geek Camp:


This wedding was at the Man.

This is somewhere between 2 and, are we happy!

One of the very first Unofficial Playa Civil Unions, a triplet (no, that's not a very short trip)

These big groups are a lot of fun

The first legal wedding, Jos and Xavi

Angelo from the Petting Zoo, he's been married so many times by us

that he now has a FastTrac card for Two Lanterns...

Our neighbors from the Northwest, they met on the playa!

One of these guys gifted me a beautiful Swiss Army knife after their ceremony

These Black Rock Rangers have been getting their Unofficial Playa Civil Union every

year since 2007 when we first started doing the ceremonies. They kept their certificate

on their mantle all year and eventually did the deed legally. It turns out that they were

neighbors of mine!

Okay, this wedding was at the Temple during a total whiteout. The thing that amazed me

were the wind instrument musicians playing during the storm!

Mass street weddings at the Petting Zoo! "Pig! Don't pork my wife!!"

They brought their "kid" with them as a witness...

The next six pics are from a big wedding, starting with the groom and groom, an aerial

shot and shots of the ladies and lastly the whole group.

This beautiful couple did some traditional Jewish rituals as part

of their ceremony.

This couple is from Vancouver, Canada (I think) and she

arranged their legal wedding with the county in less than a week!

(Oh yeah, I got to keep the pasties)

So many of these couples are truly, deeply in love, it really turns the Unofficial Playa

Civil Unions into something else altogether

Due to cruel and inhumane laws in some of their home states, some of these couples

cannot get legally married at home. So the Unofficial Playa Civil Union means a lot to

them. I am deeply affected by these weddings.

These folks were our neighbors and we became quite close by the end of the week. I have

to admit I pestered them to get an Unofficial Playa Civil Union.

Lamplighters legal wedding at Lamplight Camp (is that Camp Zippo?)

Another Canadian couple getting legally married. They found a quiet spot out on the playa.

Trixie is blissed-out happy because during the Unofficial Playa Civil Union the Best Man

substituted a real engagement ring for the toy ring we give folks and he proposed to

Trixie right then and there. Awesome, I tell you.

Another fun couple having a legal wedding. They made their costumes and these were

outtasite. He was a bisop or a pope when they first came to camp, another great costume

She's taking out strings with empty cans on them to tie to the back of their costumes.

While walking around Black Rock City they will celebrate their marriage!