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Winners of Man Booker Prize

We also list (alphabetically by first name), the nominees on the short list for each year.

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2016: Coming

2016 Man Booker Short-list

Short-list Nominees:

2015: Won by Marlon James for A brief history of seven killings

Blurb Summary: On December 3, 1976, gunmen stormed Bob Marley's house, machine guns blazing, nearly killing all inside. Marley left the country three days later, not to return for two years. Deftly spanning decades and continents and peopled with a wide range of characters assassins, journalists, drug dealers, and even ghosts, this is the fictional exploration of that dangerous and unstable time and its bloody aftermath, from Kingston in the '70s, to a radically altered Jamaica in the 1990s.

[ Poor Poor] A brief history of seven killings is too vulgar for me. I abandoned it after reading the first 5% and the last 5%.

Other Short-list Nominees:

Loved it

In August 2004, I found that without trying I'd read a couple of dozen Booker winners or nominees, and had often admired them, and had sometimed been amazed by them.

So I resolved to at least look at future shortline nominations.

I marked with a star each of the Bookers that I liked, and with more than one star if I loved it. Approximate ratings (your kilometerage may vary):