Timeline for Early Christianity.


Dates are A.D. (Anno Domini) unless specified as B.C. Some of the following from Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication by Professor Bart D. Ehrman.

Roman emperors Events Bible sources People
145 B.C.: completion of Book of Daniel (final book of Hebrew Bible).
44 B.C.: Death of Julius Caesar 63 B.C.: Romans conquer Palestine
27 B.C - A.D. 14. Octavian Caesar Augustus ~4 B.C. Birth of Jesus.
40-4 B.C.: Herod King of the Jews.
14-37: Tiberius 27: Baptism of Jesus.
~30: Death of Jesus.
~33: Conversion of Paul.
26-36: Pilate governor of Judea.
37-41: Caligula 40: One of the earliest Christian churches erected at Corinth.
41-54: Claudius 45: Paul starts his missionary travels.
~50-60: Paul's Letters.
~50-60: Q source.
54-68: Nero
68-69: Galba
64: First persecution of Christians ~50-70: M and L sources
~65: Gospel of Mark
67: Peter (first Pope) executed
67-68: Linus, second Pope
69-79: Vaspasian (Vitellius) 70: Jewish Revolt against Rome; destruction of the Temple
79-81: Titus ~80-85: Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Book of Acts
81-96: Domitian
96-98: Nerva
~85-105: Pastoral epistles
~90-95: Gospel of John
~95: Book of Revelations
98-117: Trajan (maximum range of Roman Empire under him)
117-138: Hadrian
138-161: Antonius Pius
~110-130: Gospels of Peter and Thomas
~135: Epistle of Barnabas
161-180: Marcus Aurelius
180-192: Commodus
192-211: Septimius Severus
3rd century: Roman emperors continue but many are killed by relatives or military. ~185-254: Theologian Origen: Hexapla (Hebrew Old Testament in six Hebrew and Greek texts).
306-337: Constantine; reunites the two empires under Rome. 303-311: Last persecutions of Christians in Rome.
313: Edict of Milan: Constantine establishes toleration of Christianity.
325: Council of Nicea.
330: Basilican Church of St. Peter's erected.
331: Seat of Roman empire moved to Constantinople.
360: Books 'begin' to replace scrolls.
~312: Constantine 'converts' to Christianity.