Japanese Culture

Getting Along With the Japanese

An excellent introductory book:

Three sections:

  1. Twelve Key Words Useful in Understanging the Japanese.
    1. uchiwa: insider.
    2. wa: group harmony.
    3. honne to tatemae: real intentions verus stated, socially accepted principle.
    4. haji: shame.
    5. sassuru: inference.
    6. aimai: ambiguity.
    7. kimben: diligence.
    8. gaman: perseverance.
    9. omoiyari: consideration for others.
    10. ijime: giving a hard time (not quite as mean as bullying).
    11. giri: obligation.
    12. kenson: modesty.
  2. Face-to-Face with the Japanese
  3. Important Life Events

Japanese Hiragana for the five basic vowels

a あ i い u う e え o お