Eclectic Spirituality: Myss, Tolle and others

Caroline Myss

Books by Caroline Myss:

  1. Anatomy of the Spirit (1996):

    Self-acclaimed medical intuitive explains the importance of medical intuitives like her. "Based of fifteen years of research into energy medicine, Dr. Myss's work shows how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs, and attitudes that have influenced corresponding areas of the body".

  2. The Energetics of Healing (1997).

  3. Entering the Castle (2007).

    Based on the meditation approach of 16th-century Spanish mystic Teresa of Ávilar, using "prayer ... [as] your bridge into that castle".

    The seven rooms of your castle:

    1. The power of prayer, humility, chaos, and divine seduction. The Source and meaning of Gifts.
    2. Inner vision and soul companions. Do you need praise?
    3. Surrender. Cycles of Power.
    4. The mystical heart. Invisibility.
    5. Dissolving into holiness. What is not rightly yours?
    6. Essential wisdoms and the final fire. What are your hidden desires?
    7. Divine marriage, healing, and re-entering the world. Releasing the gifts of your soul.

  4. Invisible Acts of Power.

    Myss asks: "What is this call that we have to be of service to each other. ... Is being of service a biological necessity, necessary for my health?" This is relevant to all of us, including those who work with Death and Dying.

    Her solution is 'the alchemy of intuition'. She claims that intuition is not a gift, but it is instinctive. From survival intuition, she asserts, we work up to making conscious intuitive choices.

    Myss explores 'personal choices that create miracles' and the meaning of generosity, looking at both:

    She names seven levels of generosity and she associates these levels with service through the seven chakras:

    She emphasizes that she is not judging any level of generosity as 'better' than another, as she explores what we do and why we do it and looks at the spiritual journey through the eyes of being of service to one another. At heart, she helps you find and extend your comfort zone, sense of survival, and sense of self esteem, upon which rest your ability to read and sense and respond to other people.

  5. Sacred Contract (2001).

    A fascinating approach to discovering the spirit and the self. Dr. Myss:
    1. Presents 3 "guardians of light" which she names as necessity, choice, and compassion. Shows how they can help in the preparation of our Spiritual Contract which we put in our Spiritual Backpack in preparation for "our descent into the spiritual life."
    2. Presents templates for "sacred contracts of the masters", what she envisions as the sacred contracts made by Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.
    3. Discusses the role of archetypes (symbols of energy). Presents 4 archetypes of survival - I was surprised by what she picked. She sets up a 12-house archetypal wheel (i.e. the size of the Zodiac). Some examples. The first house is your persona - how you present yourself. The 8th house is "legal matters, inheritance, the types of power issues that your have". 9th is spirituality and creativity. 10th is your highest potential - not in a vague sense (e.g. something that makes me happy and fulfilled) - this is "to act at every moment where there is a choice, to choose what is light and true" - "a configuration on how you manage power".
    4. Proposes a 40-day period (in the Judeo-Christian tradition), in which you go through implementing your contract and using archetypes.
    5. Shows how to recognize your archetypes and select the 12 primary archetypes for your 12-house wheel: 4 are the archetypes of survival; the other 8 are your personal archetypes.


Caroline Myss: see above.

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