Ukulele — the early Years: Month Two.

In the Beginning: In the Second Month

Some pals have been recommending I get a ukulele (a beginner soprano model).

Then Day Zero arrived and a Friend of a Friend gave his ukulele to me.

Tuning For The Tone-Deaf

Tune To G - C - E - A

Ginger Cats Eat Anything

Good Cats Eat A lot

Month by Month
Month 2

Remember to check The Santa Cruz Notation to describe the string to pluck and where to place your fret fingers when picking a tune.
  • C-scale








Already have:
  • A Minor: G2-C0-E0-A0 [2000].
  • C Major: G0-C0-E0-A3 [0003].
  • C7: G0-C0-E0-A1 [0002] (only change from C Major is to have A1 (instead of A3)).
  • F: G2-E1-E0-A0 [2100].
  • F Major: G2-C0-E1-A0 [2010].
  • G7: G0-C2-E1-A2 [0212].


  • A7: G0-C1-E0-A0.
  • D Minor: G2-C2-E1-A0.
  • D Minor 7: G2-C2-E1-A2 (only change from D Minor is to have A2 (instead of A0)).
  • G Major: G0-C2-E3-A2.
  • The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  • Clementine
  • Down in the Valley
  • Go Down, Moses
  • (From Month One) Happy Birthday To You
  • He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
  • Oh, Susanna
  • (From Month One) On Top of Old Smoky/Spaghetti
  • (From Month One) * Simple Gifts
  • (From Month One) You Are My Sunshine

Buy a UKULELE Check it out! Here is "Happy Birthday To You":

C0 C0 C2 C0 C1 E0
C0 C0 C2 C0 E3(OR G0) E1
C0 C0 A3 A0 E1 E0 C2
A1 A1 A0 E1 E3(OR G0) E1

Check it out! Here is "On Top of Spaghetti":

C0 C0 E0 E3(OR G0) A3 A0
A0 E1 E3(OR G0) A0 E3(OR G0)
C0 C0 E0 E3(OR G0) E3 C2
E0 E1 E0 C2 C0

  • Start slowly, making sure that you have the easier chords (the ones with less than three fingers) solid.
  • Then practice any chords that use more than two fingers.
  • Practice transitions between the chords.
  • Hum or sing a verse of the song slowly while strumming the chords; keep going is you mess up on one of the chords. Then return to each problem chord or problem transition, practicing for a few minutes to gain ability.
  • Repeat the previous step a dozen times.
  • Then repeat the previous step but significantly faster.
Once you've got the C-scale, you know you can read the treble clef of any music. Aha! Check out the melody line for any of the above songs -- except you can't go lower than middle-C if you have the G - C - E - A (Ginger Cats Eat Anything) tuning.