A Prompter
Current Version 2.3.7 Available for Macintosh OS X
Attention: A Prompter is a 32-bit application and will not work with Catalina 10.15 or later, and is not fully compatible with 10.14.
Teleprompter software, enabling a Macintosh computer to work as a teleprompter, text editor, karaoke machine, and more

A Prompter is the easy and fun to use teleprompting software solution for the every day casual user, as well as the professional studio.  A prompter is packed full of features to satisfy the most demanding of video studio situations, yet easy enough to use anyone can do it.  And since version 2.3.3, it has search and selecting tools possibly not found in any other software.  Version 2.3.3 also added compliance with presidential teleprompters requirements. Version 2.3.4 added paste and RTF support for accented Latin characters that are part of the Macintosh character set.   Version 2.3.5 added tab stops, import and auto create bookmarks, additional text and window coloring, text merge and word swap, get info, media queue list, repeat command, record audio and video, type command, key equivalents chart, color chart, grab color, windows menu, new command keys and macros, built-in preference sets, and a game. 2/3/6 added speed reading mode, Toggle, Smaller, and Larger macro parameters, improved tab bar operation, swap text with clipboard, find missing files, paste multiple with spaces, search word list, faster font menu opening, pause at bookmarks auto unpause, more text popup menu commands, mandalas, overlays, cmd-option-slash macro command, KeepScrollText macro command, stop scroll mode with mouse click, hypertext links, and more. This new version fixes saving of queue files.

 Official name:  A Prompter

Having trouble installing?
Are you using Mac OS X version 10.8 or later? If so, you need to set the Security and Privacy system settings to allow applications downloaded from Anywhere. After A Prompter is installed and running, the system setting can be returned to a more secure setting.

 Current version:  2.3.7 (OSX 10.5-10.12 Universal) Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Sierra Compatible, 2.3.2 (OSX 10.4.11), 2.2.0 (OSX 10.3.9), 1.3.0 (OSv7-9)
 Features:  All the major needs of a professional teleprompter. (see list below)
 Plus:  Now includes hypertext, mandalas, picture overlays, more
 Price:  Now free
ID: Free Version
 Site License:  Free
 Educational Pricing:  Free

The demo version is now available for downloading. This demo is a full functioning application, which can be converted into a licensed version for free by using the ID and Reg Code above. To register, in the application select "About A Prompter" from the A Prompter menu. In the dialog, click "More". Enter the ID and Reg Code in the dialog and click "Validate". The demo is good for 12 hours of total running time, with session limits of 25 minutes. These limits are removed after entering the registration information.

---For current versions of Macintosh OS X---

2.3.7 Demo Download for OS X 10.5+ (Universal) (3.0MB):

---For older versions of Macintosh OS X---

2.3.2 Demo Download for OS X 10.4.11 (1.5MB):

---Other files---

A Prompter Flyer Download (PDF Format, 778K):

Other sites where you can find the A Prompter demo download: (NOTE: They may not yet have the new version)




Sample karoke lyrics and music for A Prompter 2.2.0+ (29.6K)
(Unchained Melody, All My Loving, Bad Moon Rising)

Some possible uses for the A Prompter software:

  • As a video teleprompter in a TV studio or school media center
  • As a public informational display
  • As an easy way to read a text document without using your hands to scroll
  • To create a scrolling headline for a web page using the "Save scroll to movie" feature
  • As a lyrics scroller for Karaoke
  • Scrolling credits
  • To create a scrolling letter complete with pictures
  • To add captions to a movie
  • Just a good way to edit a text file while listening to music

A Prompter Feature List
(Click on underlined features to see a screen shot,
screen samples are from 2.2.0 version)

These features are available in version 1.3.0 and 2.2.0+.

These additional features are now available in the OS X version as of the 2.2.0+ release.

  • Words in all capital slow scrolling to allow time to read letters
  • Scroll speed set by number of lines, syllables, or synchronized
  • Support for mouse scroll wheels
  • Scroll against clear background for scrolling over pictures
  • Turbo scrolling speed
  • Optional Toolbar for quick access to some common commands
  • Scrolling in space or Matrix like screen
  • Scroll monitor window
  • Optional scroll bar on scroll window
  • Quicktime picture support
  • Quicktime movie support
  • Count up timer in info bar
  • Different style cue pointers
  • Scroll speed adjusts in real time
  • Scrolling one line at a time
  • Pausing at bookmarks
  • Auto scroll to next/previous bookmark
  • Hide desktop color is selectable
  • Changing word or line color to pace reader
  • Bouncing ball to pace reader
  • Disabling of screen saver while scrolling
  • Count up timer
  • Text transparency
  • Scroll window transparency
  • Optional creation of backup file
  • Rainbow text and background
  • Fading text
  • Syncing with mp3 music for true Karaoke support

Here are the features available in the 2.3.3 version of A Prompter.

  • Temporary scroll speed changes
  • Progress bar
  • Mouse scroll wheel control
  • Copy and paste style information
  • Search text for style
  • Rectangular text selection
  • Multiple text selection
  • Quick return bookmarks
  • Naming of bookmarks
  • Improved help system
  • Additional open at startup options
  • Edit text while another window scrolls different text
  • Macro files
  • Scrolling shape editor
  • Find/Replace for quick searching and/or replacing of text
  • Create your own toolbar commands
  • Save image sequence as jpegs
  • Scroll against live video
  • Insert text command
  • Rotated text
  • Movie looping
  • Drop caps and strikeout formatting
  • Syncing with iTunes
  • Full screen mode across multiple monitors
  • Select and Speak
  • Paste & read from RTF file Latin accented characters(ü, ö, ä, ß, √, etc.) (2.3.4 only)
  • Much more

Here are the features available in the 2.3.5 version of A Prompter.

Here are the features available in the 2.3.6 version of A Prompter.

A Prompter is already in use in many fine video studios.  It is destined to become the most powerful prompting program available for any computer. It is also the easiest to use. And now, it is also the most fun to use. Custom preference setups control just how much power you get out of A Prompter. If you do not need a feature, just disable it in the preferences. If several people use A Prompter and each have their own preferences, each person can save their preferences to a preference set, and can be recalled immediately from the menu.